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Yesterday’s Heros, Sports Quiz 3

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1. This big Chicago Cubs left-hander went from being a 20 game loser to a 20 game winner in one year in the early 60s. ( 4 points)

2. The St. Louis Blues dominated the other early NHL expansion teams in large part due to the outstanding play of these two veteran goalies. (2 points each)

3. This outfielder was a big bonus baby with the California Angels in the early 60s and went on to have a fair career with the Angels and White Sox in the 60s and early 70s.(3 points)

4. A former White Sox shortstop, he went on to play for the Washington Senators where he turned in an unassisted triple play. ( 3 points)

5. When the San Francisco Giants traded Gaylord Perry to the Cleveland Indians who did they get in return? ( 4 points)

6. This White Sox second baseman of the early 60s always had a big wad of tobacco in his cheek. (2 points)

7. The “Big Z” was a standout center for the St. Louis Hawks. (3 points)

8. When Jim Brown led the Browns to their last championship, this man was their QB. ( 2 points)

9. This man was a junkball reliever for the Orioles in the early and mid 60s. (3 points)

10. Who was the “Toy Cannon” of the Houston Astros? ( 2 points)

Answers below

1. Dick Ellsworth. For a couple of seasons Dick was probably the second best lefty in the NL behind Sandy Koufax.

2. Glen Hall and Jacques Plante. Even in the twilight of their careers they were a pleasure to watch.

3. Rick Reichardt. Rick wasn’t bad, he just wasn’t what people expected. Back then $175,000 was a lot of money.

4. Ron Hansen. Ron was a solid shortstop and a decent clutch hitter before back injuries slowed him down.

5. Sam McDowell. Sam was like a left-handed Nolan Ryan, without nearly the longevity.

6. Nellie Fox. Nellie was my first favorite member of the White Sox. A great defender and bat handler, Nellie eventually found his way into the Hall of Fame.

7. Zelmo Beatty. A hard worker with a nice shooting touch, Zelmo was a notch below Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, which is certainly no disgrace.

8. Frank Ryan. Never recognized as one of the best, Frank was still good enough to win with.

9. Stu Miller. It had to be frustrating to hit against this guy, it looked so easy to hit off him.

10. Jim Wynn. After getting out of Houston, Jimmy won the NL MVP award with the Dodgers. It makes you wonder what he could have done if he had gotten out of the Dome earlier.




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