Remembering the Dukes of Hazzard

3 min readMay 25

Things haven’t gone that well for the good ole boys.

Creative Commons: Nick Ares from Auburn, CA, United States

From 1979–85 TV audiences had the opportunity to follow the adventures of the Duke family as they battled the forces of evil headed up by Boss Hogg. Admittedly, the forces of evil under the direction of Boss Hogg were pretty inept. For the most part, Bo and Luke Duke were in the forefront of the battle against Boss Hogg, with the exception of the time when cousins Coy and Vance filled in.

Generally speaking, the stars of the show had some difficulties to deal with, to say nothing of what happened to the General Lee. So, here we go.

1: Sorrell Booke’s Boss Hogg had his limits when it came to being a bad guy. He wouldn’t deal drugs or commit murder.

But he would wear white after Labor Day.

2: The real-life Boss Hogg, Sorrell Booke, was a seriously smart guy.

He was educated at Yale and Columbia. He even worked as an intelligence officer during the Korean War. No wonder he could run Hazzard County.

3: After the first five episodes were shot in rural Georgia, production was taken to Los Angles.

I’m sure a car painted like the General Lee would blend right in there in LA.

4: John Schneider lied about his age to get the role of Bo Duke.

Schneider said he was 24 when he was actually 18. It seems like the producers of the show were no better than the Boar’s Nest when it comes to checking IDs.

5: Daisy Duke’s Daisey Dukes are in the Smithsonian.

Initially, there was concern about Daisy’s shorts being too revealing. To alleviate those concerns, the show’s producers had her skin-colored pantyhose. That way they could satisfy censors and maintain full transparency.

6: The “General Lee” got more than half the show’s fan mail.


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