I Have a Destination to go to from Medium

2 min readFeb 24, 2024

And I should have made the move some time ago.

Image form Barak Lambert via AI

As many of you know, I haven’t been happy with Medium for some time. The obvious question is, “If you don’t like Medium why are you still here?” And it’s a fair question. But I, like so many other dissatisfied writers on Medium, lack a lot of options. And Medium knows it.

I started writing for News Break and things were going really well, like $1000 a month well, but I sense a change there also. The last two days the number on News Break have also plummeted. I smell a change in algorithm. So, I was motivated, or pushed to do something else.

What’s with the image?

The image for this story was created by AI. For years I’ve written for syndicated cartoon strips and free-lance cartoonists. But times have been hard for cartoonists. And when things are hard for cartoonists, one of the first things to go is gag writers. I’ve been experimenting with AI generated images; the one above is an example of one my son and I put together with the help of AI.

And, there is a story behind the image. Some time ago Coach Tony told us not to count on making money from Medium. His words were prophetic. Of course, it’s easy to be a prophet when you control, or at least have input in the algorithm.

Tony basically told writers Medium was a steppingstone to possibly making more money.

Basically, Tony is the bird telling writers (the young bird) to find their own worm.

Message received.

What’s the plan Stan, er Larry?

Within about a week, I hope to have my own website up, assisted by my son, Barak Lambert. Barak has experience in the technical side of this stuff, plus has a great sense of humor and is musically talented. We have worked on projects before.

I’ll still maintain a presence on Medium, largely in an effort to get my readers to follow me to my new site.

At this point, it looks like we will go with affiliate marketing and a Ko-fi link. I believe we will feature merchandise/services that will be of interest to you. You will also see some things you haven’t seen on Medium.

I will update in next week. I hope you will take a look at our site when it’s up. In the meantime, here’s an old project we worked on years ago,

LAMESTAGE WEEKLY UPDATE 3–18–13 (youtube.com)




You probably don't know my name, but have likely seen my work. I've written for numerous syndicated cartoon strips and my gags have appeared in national pubs.