Facts About the TV Show “Perry Mason”

3 min readFeb 24, 2024

It’s synonymous with Raymond Burr.

Creative Commons: scriptingnews

As far as I can tell, Perry Mason was the first lawyer TV series that was a huge hit. And I don’t know if I have ever watched a full episode. I do remember it being on the TV when I was very young, it just didn’t get my attention. It was in black and white and didn’t have a lot of action. The first lawyer series that really got my attention was L. A. Law, but I’ve already written about that.

As was mentioned, Perry Mason and Raymond Burr are somewhat synonymous. Beyond that, I knew very little about the show. So, after doing some reading, here are some things you didn’t know about Perry Mason.

1: Perry was known for winning all his cases. (Well almost all of them.) He actually lost three cases.

When Perry was confronted by a fan about winning all his cases, Raymond Burr told her, “But madam, you see only the cases I try on Saturday.” And I don’t believe court is even in session on Saturday.

2: DA, Hamilto Burger, was played by William Talman.

My question is, “How did Hamilton Burger keep his job? He was always losing to Perry Mason. Wouldn’t opponents have hammered him about prosecuting innocent people?




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