Facts About Ringo Starr

4 min readNov 25, 2023

He seems like he might have been the most fun Beatle.

Creative Commons: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer

All four of the Beatles were immensely musically talented. But of the four, it seems like Ringo might have been considered the least talented of the four. I’m not qualified to determine who was the most or least talented of the group, but I do know Ringo seemed to do okay after the group broke up. He also seems to be having fun, which I appreciate.

Of course, Ringo has ventured into country music, with some success. Then there is Ringo’s movie career. Who could forget his cinematic classic, “Caveman?” Okay’ pretty much everybody but me. It actually had some pretty funny moments and a lot of big names. Included were Dennis Quaid, Shelly Long and of course, Ringo’s wife, Barbara Bach. Now that I’ve downloaded that info to you, on to some things you might not have known about Ringo Starr.

1: Ringo played with a band called the Hurricanes. Prior to that, they were called the Raging Texans.

Sometimes it’s the other way around. A couple of Hurricanes will turn Texans into Raging Texans.

2: Ringo met John, Paul and George when he was a member of the Hurricanes.

At the time, Ringo was farther up the totem pole and made more money than the other three. You don’t usually think of Ringo as slumming when he joined the Beatles.

3: In another first for Ringo, he was the first of the Beatles to try cannabis.

The story is that Bob Dylan offered it to the Beatles, but Ringo was the only one to accept. Well, I think I know why Bob Dylan sounds the way he does.

4: While Ringo is the drummer most associate with the Beatles, not all Beatles fans thought he was the Best.

There was some blowback on the part of Beatles fans after Ringo took over for Pete Best as drummer for the group, but I believe most of us are pretty happy with the way things turned out.

5: Occasionally, Ringo would do vocals for the group. He actually did




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