Facts About Richard Widmark

3 min readNov 29, 2023

He was another guy who could play good guys of bad guys.

Creative Commons: Roland Godefroy

To me, the two Richard Widmark movies I remember the most are “Warlock” and “Death of a Gunfighter.” Despite the name “Warlock,” the movie is a western, and a good one. Widmark plays the hero in that excellent western.

As for “Death of a Gunfighter,” it’s not really a typical western. Widmark plays a sheriff who is no longer welcomed by the people he protected. The times, they were a changing, but his character didn’t. And it ended badly. But Widmark played more than just western lawmen. So, here are some things you didn’t know about Richard Widmark.

1: Widmark’s film career began with a bang. He won an Acadamy Award for his performance as Tommy Udo in “Kiss of Death.”

His character was a psychopathic killer. He even tied an old lady to her wheelchair and pushed her down a flight of stairs to her death. And that’s the kind of thing that sets a psychopathic killer from a regular.

2: Widmark had two kids. His daughter, Anne, married Sandy Koufax.

He may have tried to get away from her, but he couldn’t Dodge Her. And that was bad, even by my standards.

3: Richard lived to be 93.

The cause of death was complications from pneumonia. That and being 93.

4: He almost didn’t get the part of Tommy Udo because the director, Henry Hathaway, thought he looked too intellectual.

Widmark said it was in part, because he has a high forehead. My forehead has been getting higher as I age, but I’m not having people tell me I'm looking more intellectual with every year.

5: Widmark played a number of psychotics.

Hopefully, he wasn’t a method actor.

6: He along with Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the German teen magazine, Bravo, in 1956.




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