Facts About Bruce Dern

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He played an array of interesting characters.

Creative Commons: Gage Skidmore

Over the years. lots of guys have played heavies in the movies. Many were big, scowling guys who conveyed the ide athat they could beat the living daylights out of pretty much whoever they wanted to. Bruce Dern was a little different. Yes, he would wail on people when given the opportunity, but he was also a conniver. And I mean that in the best possible way.

After all, he was the one who finally took down John Wayne on screen in “The Cowboys.” And he almost did Clint Eastwood in in the classic western, “Hang Em High.” But perhaps he was at his most conniving, cunning best in the Kirk Douglas western, “The Posse.” In that movie Bruce took over Douglas’ posse through his power of persuasion. So, he was an adversary of some of the biggest leading men in Hollywood. And all in all, his record was pretty good. Now, on to some things you might not have known about Bruce Dern.

1: Dern went to High School in Illinois but went to California to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

And I thought I was bad at geography.

2: Bruce was nominated for an Acadamy Award for his performance in "Coming Home.”

Based on his going to California to attend the University of Pennsylvania, I’s surprised he could find his way home.

3: In his free time, Bruce enjoys outside activities such as fishing and hiking.

Many people have encouraged me to take up hiking. I’m not sure how many times somebody has told me to take a hike.

4: Bruce has appeared in a ton of westerns. His first was the TV classic “Wagon Train.” And more recently he appeared in the film, ‘The Hateful Eight.”

In both cases, his character was shot and killed. Those roles were 52 years apart. It’s nice when an actor can retain his skills.

5: Dern has worked on five films with Jack Nicholson.


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