Dogs vs. Fur Babies

3 min readMay 23

Here are some factors to consider.

Cartoon by Lambert-King

When I was growing, my father had dogs. Hunting dogs to be exact. My dad’s philosophy about dogs was they had to earn their keep. I guess they had to help keep food on the table. In addition, they stayed outside. There was also a casual view of dogs running around loose.

We never had a mean dog, so it wasn’t like there was a liability issue. There was, however, the possibility of the dogs getting hit by cars. That happened twice, at we lost two dogs that way. I took it much harder than other family members. I’m sure that impacts the way I feel about dogs today. And I will say, in my old age, I have gotten soft when it comes to dealing with my dogs.

I suspect a lot of people are that way. So, do you have a dog or fur baby? Consider these questions.

1: Does your pet tell you when it’s time to go to bed?

Mine does. Around 10 pm Ollie lets me know it’s time to go bed. If your pet puts you on a curfew, you probably have a fur baby.

2: Does your pet have health insurance?

Once again, that’s most likely a sign of a fur baby. That’s especially true if your pet has health insurance and you don’t.

3: Does your pet have an expansive wardrobe?

If your wardrobe is dwarfed by that of your pet, you have a fur baby. And possibly a need for counseling.

4: If, in the event you send your pet to obedience school, does it have a dress code?

And especially, if you think that keeps out the riff raff, you have a fur baby.

5: Do you think having your pet stalk small animals for food helps them build self-reliance?

If so, you have a dog. A dog that animal welfare might need to check on.

6: Does your pet hog the bed?

Th fact that your pet is sleeping with you, or your pet is letting you sleep with them, is telling in itself. If a five-pound pet is dominating your sleeping area, you have a fur baby.


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