10 Things You Didn’t Know about Harry Carey

3 min readSep 19

He was tremendously entertaining.

Creative Commons: bryce_edwards

One of the best things about listening to broadcasts of Chicago’s professional pro sports teams was the announcers. There were truly some great ones. And that came in handy since most of Chicago’s pro sports team stunk during that era. And out of those great sportscasters, one was my favorite. Harry Carey. And that’s saying a lot since I grew up listening to another great broadcaster, Jack Brickhouse.

Near the end of his career Harry might not have been the announcer he was, but he was still hugely beloved. Even near the end of his career, Harry still called a great game, it just wasn’t necessarily the one being played on the field.

But it was more interesting and entertaining.

Now, on to some things you might not have known about Harry Carey.

1: He wasn’t Hindu.

Despite one of his signature calls being, “Holy Cow!” he was not advocating any religion with it.

2: Harry was a notorious homer.

And maybe that was why his local audiences loved him. In my case, I like the idea of an announcer being as emotionally involved in the game as I was. The fact that he was often drinking beer made him perhaps even more emotionally involved.

3: Harry was rumored to have had an affair with Susan Busch, wife of August Busch III. August was then an executive with Anheuser-Busch, owner of the Cardinals. Harry was calling Cardinals games at the time.

I’m not sure Harry’s love of Busch was confined to beer.

4: Harry’s final resting place is All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, Illinois.

I loved to listen to Harry, but maybe that place should be known as, “Most Saints Cemetery.

5: After being fired by the St. Louis Cardinals, Harry spent a year doing Oakland A’s games.


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